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  Here in the Everglades, we live in one of the most unique places on earth.  This is a diverse and fragile ecosystem; all species are connected, from the River of Grass all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. We are proud to support global conservation efforts as members  of  One Percent for the Planet and support under-funded conservation efforts around the planet as well as here in in our own back yard.

We are located south of Naples, Florida at Port of the Islands and fly fish Naples, Marco Island, Everglades National Park and throughout the 10,000 Islands. We will work hard to provide you with the best fly fishing southwest Florida has to offer. 

Fly fishing is our passion and that is all we do.  Our fishing is some of the most diverse in the world offering anglers one of the most challenging fly fishing destinations anywhere.  We promote catch and release fishing for our game fish and know that these fish are far too important of a resource to be caught only once.  These are tough fish, often selective and spooky - pack your best cast along with your sunblock and come fish with us.    

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Fishing Report November 19, 2010

by Capt. Bill Baldus on 11/19/10

   The weather has warmed up very nicely this week and the winds have dropped off after our first cold front. Water temps are climbing back up into the 70s - perfect conditions in the 10k.  A small front arrived today making for cooler conditions and very little wind.

   Fishing has been good with lots of shots at quality reds and a few snook laid up warming themselves in the shallows. This week's tides were high with a big rush of water midday making for some good fishing early and late in the day on the outgoing.

   Wednesday I started on the outside but the incoming tide and early morning light made for a decision to run far to the back. Fakahatchee was still low as we ran down into the Park. I knew we would have a shot but it wouldn't last long with the incoming on our heels.

   On the first point we found a nice red, no take; second point, small red to the boat; third point, 2 big reds tailing on an oyster bar. The perfect shot, just as the fly landed a dolphin rushed the bar and all was gone. What are the odds?  Time to go; tide is quickly catching up with us.

   We headed further back into a little bay where I knew the tide had not yet reached. The water was shallow, clear and still low.  No sooner than I climbed the platform, I spotted a very nice red cruising the bank. Off to the side, I saw the tell-tale sign of what I knew was a shark headed towards us. Just as my angler cast to the red, I saw that it wasn’t a shark but a manatee in ten inches of water and this guy blew up like I have never seen before - his tail throwing water and mud 5 feet in the air. When things settled down we could see that he had cut a trough across the bay as big as any prop scar you have seen. We ended the day with the incoming tide catching up with us, seeing a few more reds and one snook.

We will keep you posted,

Capt Bill Baldus

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