Pelagic Eye
Silver Mojarra
The fish is a Silver Mojarra or commonly known as a Silver Jenny, It is a very prolific baitfish here on the Gulf Coast and Atlantic. One of the primary food sources of tarpon, snook, redfish and other game fish.

The fly is tied with the our new Pelagic Eyes in silver, gold and black. The name of these eyes comes from the Greek word pélagos, which means "open sea." As close to an exact match as possible in both shape and color. These eyes add significantly to the realism of the fly and come in a variety of colors. I have been testing the eyes extensively on the new Pelagic and Knight series of flies I have developed with very good results.

The Pelagic Eyes are incredibly durable compared to traditional 3-D molded eyes; they are made with a much harder resin. They are handmade, absolutely beautiful and about the same price as other eyes. The sizes are 1/8" to 3/4" and are available in a very large selection of color combinations. The possibilities are endless, from small baitfish imitations to large blue water flies.
We now have Pelagic Eyes available for purchase in our catalog.

Capt Bill Baldus

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