The fly is a fusion of shrimp and baitfish patterns and combines key traits that trigger strikes, much like a Woolly Bugger does for trout.
It is tied entirely with EP glow-in-the-dark fibers and glow legs. It absolutely lights up in the water and is irresistible to snook. I have been testing this fly in both off-color and clearer water over the last few months and it is killer.  The leg placement and keel on the bottom give the fly a very distinct side-to-side wiggle on the retrieve. that trigger strikes as well as preventing the hook from catching on the bottom. You are going to like the way these fish.
I tie it from size 2 through 2/0 and you can add a few wraps of lead on the shank to act as a keel before putting the body and to adjust the sink rate. The name comes from the new Pelagic Asymmetric Mirage Eyes and legs off the front that give it an 'alien-like' appearance. If I had to throw one fly day in and day out here in the Glades, this would be it.  I am going to tie some in a size 4 for my next bonefish trip, my bet is that they work.

Capt Bill Baldus
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