The 10k Baitfish Series is designed to imitate small baitfish in a variety of color combinations for all water and light conditions, from backcountry to offshore.
This series imitates small baitfish such as blennies, mollies, killifish and ciclids found in the backcounty as well as offshore baits such as anchovies, mullets, silversides and herring we see in open water.  All of the flies pictured are tied on a size 2.  We have proven these on tarpon, snook, redfish and about anything that swims and eats baitfish.
All of these patterns are built in the same manner with bodies of SF Flash or SF Flash Blend. I set the head shape with Clear Cure UV Goo and finish off with Pelagic Eyes They are very simple to tie, realistic and provide the full spectrum of color combinations to fit every situation.

Capt Bill Baldus
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